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Game Console Repair

We repair a range of gaming devices, from stick-drift to screen replacement, we’ve got you covered.

Let our skilled local repair technicians get your device back up and running quickly and without breaking the bank.

Don't Toss Your Broken Device...

Repair It!

Cost Effective

Why buy a new one when you can get yours fixed, often at half the cost? Save some cash and choose the smarter option.

Environmentally Friendly

Compared to the impact that manufacturing and shipping a new device causes, it just makes sense!


Located on Kingsley Ave in Orange Park. Stop by with your device and we'll walk you through everything.

Devices We Service

We don’t just service game consoles, but we also offer repair services for controllers and handhelds too!




We Support All Current & Previous Console Generations! Plus Handhelds!

From Retro Consoles to Modern Day

Scratched Discs?

We Can Fix That!

Disc resurfacing while you wait.

We can buff and polish your scratches from your game and movie discs. Our equipment can smooth surface imperfections that can lead to read-errors and saves your discs from the landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diagnostic takes 3-5 days. The repair process then take up to a week to complete.

If additional parts are needed that are not on-hand, this may extend the turnaround time.

There is a $20 (console) or $5 (controller) non-refundable diagnostic fee. If we are able to repair the device, we do credit the diagnostic fee towards the total cost of the repair.

A diagnostic is an answer, not a fix, and will not be refunded if the device isn’t fixable. no further fees will be due past the initial deposit.

Video game consoles, controllers, and handhelds.

Yes we specialize in HDMI repair!

Yes! 100% of repairs are done in-house by our own trained staff members.

Ready To Blast Off?

How To Begin

Bring your device to our store and one of our sales associates will take of the drop-off process alongside you.

There’s no need to bring anything but the device itself. We don’t need chargers, controllers, or power cables.

Find Your Store

Drop-off at our Orange Park FL location